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Welcome to HLPlanner.com!

HLPlanner is completely FREE mixed gas decompression software utilising the VPM-B algorithm. HLPlanner’s “engine�is loosely based on Erik Baker’s Fortran 77 code, available in the public domain. The program has been entirely rewritten in C# and optimised, the core of the algorithm however remains identical and therefore produces (or at least that’s what we observed so far) closely matching results.

Main program features:

  • Easy to use and highly functional user interface
  • Support for full range of gases and profiles
  • Full support for both imperial and metric units
  • Automatic selection of gas mixes based on depth
  • Calculation of gas mix usage in bar/psi and ltr/cuft depending on cylinder size
  • Customizable level of safety
  • Professional quality printouts
  • Easy range planning with O2 bailouts for “loss of deco gasâ€Â?scenarios
  • Full support for repetitive diving with no limit on the number of dives per mission
  • and more...
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HLPlanner screen shot

Two latest arrivals in the family are HLP Blender and HLP Blender PPC: fully featured gas blending programs for MS Windows and hublot replica Pocket PC. Both programs support partial pressure and continuous blending of trimix and nitrox mixtures, gas top offs and cylinder equalisation. The programs utilise real gas laws (van der Waals) for greater accuracy and you can find them both in the downloads section.

If you find any of our programs useful and would like to contribute to their further development feel free to donate to HLPLanner's Research Fund. We promise to spend your money either on diving or beer, depending on the weather:)


If you would like to ask any questions, share your experiences or post a comment there is rolex replica a yahoo email group set up just for this purpose and you can find it here.