HLPlanner - Free VPM-B based decompression software
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The Team

HLPLanner has been written by Marcin "Hlp" Kaluza who in real life works as a software architect for London based company IntelliQ ltd. Marcin has been programming various computers for the better part of his life as he started programming in BASIC on ZX Spectrum at the age of 13. His computer skills got him at some point a nickname "Help", which he had to convert using hungarian notation to "HLP" (just try to imagine a skipper's face when an SMB with the word "HELP" written boldly on it breaks the surface:). When it comes to diving he tends to spend most of his hard earned cash diving English Channel wrecks with Dorset Gas Divers.

Pawel "Loti" Mordkowicz is responsible for the graphical bits of both the program and this website. He was and still is the very first tester working relentlessly to crash the program. Pawel is a cave diver and one of the founding members of the Polish version of the CDG (Grupa Nurkow Jaskiniowych).

After all this years in the software industry Marcin firmly believes that no successful program can be written without early user feedback. To achieve this he's engaged a group of diving friends who constituted the HLPlanner Beta Group. Their feedback, critical comments and ideas were invaluable, so here they are:

  • Joao Delgado (DGD)
  • Adam P. Davies (UE-UK, DGD)
  • Sylwester Filipek (EKP "Walenie")
  • Kevin Foreman (DGD)
  • Michal Gignal (DGD)
  • Joe Hesketh (DGD)
  • Izzy G.Imset (DGD)
  • Tapio Kaleva (DGD)
  • Lukasz Potyra (HGW:)

It is sad that Wlodek "Spryciula" Szymanowski who was one of the first and most knowledgeable members of the group could not see the final product as he died while cave diving at Goul du Pont on 06 April 2005. We dedicate this work to his memory...

None of the people mentioned here so far were responsible for the development of the VPM model which in it's present form has been collectively developed by prof. David E. Yount, Erik C. Baker and Eric B. Maiken. You may find more about authors and the algorithm itself  here.