HLPlanner - Free VPM-B based decompression software
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HLPlanner 1.0

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HLPlanner 1.0


HLPlanner runs on most versions of MS Windows (2000/ME/NT/98/XP) however in order to install and run it you'll need:

  • .NET Framework v 1.1 available free of charge from Microsoft. To install the framework you have to make sure your operating system is up to date when it comes to service packs and updates (see below).
  • To check and install any critical operating system updates go to the Windows Update Site.

HLPlanner Download

The latest service release of HLPlanner (version  1.0.2314) is available for download here. Full details of all the changes as well as full release history is available in the Release Notes.

As of 10/05/2007 Polish, German, French and Italian language packs are available for download and there are more in development (watch this space).