HLPlanner - Free VPM-B based decompression software
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Language packs

Language pack is a set of DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) that change the language of HLPlanner's user interface.

Following language packs are available at present:

If you would like to translate HLPlanner to your native language let us know through the HLPlanner User Group and we will supply you with all the tools and instructions required for the job.

Installation Notes

The language pack has to be installed in a speciffic subdirectory of the directory where HLPlanner is installed. For example if HLPlanner is installed in c:\Program files\HLPlanner, Polish language pack should be installed in the directory c:\Program files\HLPlanner\pl-PL. The name of the directory is automatically generated by the setup program and you shoud change it only if HLPlanner has been installed in a non-default directory.